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Bhagwaan 1008 Adinath Swamy Jain Temple 

When you drive by Brampton's Mayfield Road, you are certain to notice the magnificent Bhagwan 1008 Adinath Swamy Jain temple (aka: Brampton Jain Temple). It is the first Shikharbandi Jain temple in North America to have a stunning, tall Manastambh which reminds the worshippers to leave behind their pride or ego before entering the temple. Bhagwan 1008 Adinath Swamy Jain temple is the first in Canada to use traditional Indian architecture; significant components of which are carved and built by the Indian artisans in traditional Jain parampara.

Temple History

The idea of the temple started taking shape with the determination of Smt. Kanchanben and Shri Gyanchand Jain’s determination. Shri S. S. Jain foundation established by the couple for the purposes of charities, started construction of the temple on one of their spacious plots of land in 2011. In July 2013 Shilanyas was performed and on 14th of July 2014 a weeklong Prathishtha Mahotsav was celebrated by the Jain community of North America in the presence of several Pundits and religious scholars and thousands of mumukshus from across the globe.  

At present the temple has a prayer hall, swadhyay hall, library, meditation room, dining hall and a modern well-equipped kitchen. The temple also has modern media facilities including audio and video equipment which can address gathering of 200-300 people. A new adjoining structure which is coming up very fast, will house an activity hall and a couple of rooms for the visiting scholars and out of town mumukshus for their temporary stay. The independent premises of the temple also provide large space for parking. The entire complex is shaping up to be a Jain Tirth Dham. 

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